Arts & Culture

25/09/2012: In Hatay, Afghan-Turkic community maintains traditions(SETimes)

29/05/2012: Rapping with a message in Ercis(SETimes)

16/01/2011: Iranian violinist enchants audiences in Istanbul(Hürriyet Daily News)

21/12/2010: ‘Breakdancing’ breaking onto Istanbul’s cultural scene(Hürriyet Daily News)

30/11/2010: Mersin Citrus Festival helps put southern Turkish city on the map(Hürriyet Daily News)

24/10/2010: Istanbul hosts First International Oud Festival(Hürriyet Daily News)

14/10/2010: Golden Orange film shows human side of Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan(Hürriyet Daily News)

26/09/2010: Turkey’s Golden Boll film festival draws to a close(Hürriyet Daily News)

24/09/2010: Turkey’s Golden Boll festival doles out honorary awards(Hürriyet Daily News)

23/09/2010: Spanish drama makes Turkish premiere at Golden Boll(Hürriyet Daily News)

22/09/2010: Turkey’s long-awaited 17th Golden Boll Film Festival Opens(Hürriyet Daily News)

05/09/2010: Akbank short film festival: A review(Hürriyet Daily News)

3/09/2010: Cuban children’s theatre group support ‘Cuban five’ with Istanbul show(Hürriyet Daily News)

23/08/2010: Swapping the Istanbul urban jungle for London(Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review)


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